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NAQI Therapeutic Magazines

On a regular base the NAQI Magazine publish an article concerning a specific sports and/ or skintrauma /pathology and discuss the rehabilitation, the recovery and the skintherapy. The article contains three parts namely the scientific part followed by a proposition of physical treatment and therafter if applicable the skin therapy.

Board of Magazine

– Greet Claes, MSc (Dentistry), DDs (Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences)
Head of R&D NAQI nv, Belgium
Gerard Greene, MSc (Manip Physio), MMACP, MCSP, PG Cert HEd
Clinical Mentor University Coventry, MSc Manual Therapy Students ,Harborne Physio ,57 Park Hill Road
Harborne ,Birmingham B17 9HH United Kingdom PH: 07968 011832
– Paul Van Loon
, MSc (Physical Therapy)
Paul Van Loon Sportsclinics, Stabroek & Antwerp
Puttestraat 56 , 2940 Stabroek, Belgium
– Delphine Verbeke, MSc (Science Biochemie) Assistent R&D NAQI nv


Editor B&C Geyskens bvba, E.M.Geyskens, MSc (Economy), MSc (Applied Economy & Health Economy), MSc (Business Administration), MSc (Finance).

Isabel Verellen, Master Graphic Design , Art Director NAQI nv, Belgium

Issue 2 / 2018

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Issue 3 / 2016

Issue 2 / 2016

Issue 1 / 2016

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Issue 1-EN /2021

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